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Places to visit solo on More disturb – ingly, the police collection of evidence was incom – petent, if not downright criminal. No finger print checks were taken in the area around the body and authorities chose to ignore a bloodstain found on the roof of the car on the passenger’s side suggesting that either Pelosi or someone else had driven the car. A green sweater, belonging to neither Pasolini nor Pelosi, was found in the back seat of the vehicle which had not been there when the director’s cousin had thoroughly cleaned the Alfa Romeo the day prior to the murder. Remarkably, the car was left unsecured by police and any possible fingerprint evidence that could have been lifted from the bodywork was lost when the vehicle was left out in the rain. In the crowning touch of official incompetence, the police wrecked the car (rendering worthless any remaining forensic evidence) en route to an investigating magistrate who had requested to view it. As the police investigation stumbled along, journalists learned through their underworld contacts that a motorbike had followed Pasolini’s car after he picked Pelosi up outside the train station and that their stop at the restaurant (at the youth’s request) was made to allow their pursuers a chance to catch up with them. On April 26, 1976, the self-confessed killer was convicted in juvenile court of homicide in collusion with others and sentenced to a prison term of nearly 10 years. Places to visit solo 2016.

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