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Places to visit in america in summer on Citti, based on a source known to him, maintained Pelosi was used as bait by five men who murdered the director elsewhere, dumped his body in Ostia, then coerced the youth into the role of fall-guy. Pelosi had to play the game played by these people, said the director, the ?respectable’ people who ordered the murder. Magistrates subsequently reopened their files on the killing, but shelved the case in November 2005 after declaring they had found no new evidence. In June 2007, Rome’s left wing mayor, Walter Veltroni, echoing the sentiments of many who believed the official version of the case to be a lie, called for prose – cutors to officially reopen the case. Veltroni’s demand was endorsed by a petition signed by 700 intellectuals who maintained that Pier Paolo Pasolini was assassinated because he was set to reveal a complicated cover-up of corruption and murder in the international oil business. To date, the investigation has yet to be launched even though most observers of the case no longer believe Pasolini’s death was due solely to homosexual misadventure. Further Reading Owen, Richard. Places to visit in america in summer 2016.

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