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Places to travel in hawaii on In May 2006 the 72-year-old actor told a bankruptcy trustee at a debtor hearing that the costs involved in his criminal ($450,000 per attorney) and civil ($250,000) trials had left him without funds. Although Blake’s motion for a new civil trial was rejected without explanation in April 2006, an appeals court in April 2008 ruled the jury’s $30 million award was excessive and cut the judgment in half. Bakley attorney Eric Dubin was unconcerned by the reduction since a $15 million award with interest would still amount to about $24 million in damages that he planned to start collecting immediately. M. Gerald Schwartzbach, back on board as Blake’s principal attorney, saw little reason for Dubin’s optimism, telling reporters, If Robert had any money he would be paying me. Blake, 77 at the time of this writing, has not worked as an actor since his brief appearance in 1997 as the Mystery Man in the David Lynch film Lost Highway. Further Reading King, Gary C. Places to travel in hawaii 2016.

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