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Pittsburgh Metro Map on As the first bona fide art director in the motion picture industry, he was credited with widening the scope of films by freeing them from the scenic limita – tions of the stage. An innovator, Buckland was the first to build architectural settings for films, and introduced artificial lighting into movies through the use of klieg lights. Buckland, often uncredited, served as the art director for several films directed by Cecil B. DeMille. These include: The Squaw Man (1914 and 1918 versions), The Call of the North (1914), The Ghost Breaker (1914), The Virginian (1914), The Warrens of Virginia (1915), The Trail of the Lonesome Pine (1916), The Devil Stone (1917), We Can’t Have Everything (1918), For Better, For Worse (1919), and Adam’s Rib (1923). At 60, Buckland reached the pinnacle of his phenomenal career as Hollywood’s first art director by creating the castle setting for the 1922 Douglas Fairbanks epic Robin Hood, directed by Allan Dwan. Buckland was 80 years old and in poor health when he decided he could not chance leaving the care of his 36-year-old mentally ill son, Wilfred Buckland, Jr. Pittsburgh Metro Map 2016.

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