Pitcairn Island Map

Pitcairn Island Map on A, p. 2. Baloi, Gito (V) One of South Africa’s leading jazz musicians, Baloi was born in Maputo in the war-torn country of Mozambique in 1964. Learning to play music on discarded paraffin tins and water reeds, Baloi was 14 when he borrowed a bass guitar for his first public concerts. He toured extensively in Mozambique with the band Afro 78, and formed Pongola in 1986 ultimately settling in South Africa to escape the strife in his home country. In 1987, the bassist-vocalist co-founded the jazz/jive fusion trio Tananas with drummer Steve Newman and guitarist Ian Herman. Combining Baloi’s knowledge of traditional African music with the comembers’ innovative jazz fusion background, Tananas became a hit with both black and white South Africans. Pitcairn Island Map 2016.

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