Pipal Tree Hotel in Kolkata – Review

Kolkata had been on a must-see list for ages it’s a vibrant city known for its history, and culture on a free weekend at the beginning of the Indian monsoon we decided to make our first visit mainly to pay our respects at the methoxy Nashville kala Mandir this post is about the unforgettable people three hotel that we stayed in while we were there we bolted an early morning flight from Bangalore to Kolkata a shot to ours, and 15 minutes later we landed at Netaji Subash Chandra Bose International Airport where we hide a taxi to take us to the hotel the people tree hotel is located in Raja hot new town which is a prime area in Kolkata it is very close to the airport a mere 10 minutes by taxi we checked in at the reception a pretty rapid procedure I must say although we would have loved to spend some more time in the reception area which was very welcoming very calming very contemporary, and a treat for the eyes, and soul the hotel has 35 rooms, and each one has the same eye to design as a reception they have three kinds standard deluxe, and suits they book the standard ones they got number two one for at the second floor the lift opened up to a beautiful lobby with deep red walls adorned with modern. But serene art many old-school colonial wooden chairs formed quite little nooks here, and there in the lobby for guests to relax in the lobby further extends into a long corridor that takes you to the rooms I was blown away the minute I brought into the room the room had wood paneling on the floors it faced the road I was not noisy at all plus it offered a good view of the city it came equipped with a huge bed that boosted a very high quality mattress beautiful linen sheets, and pillow covers the room is also equipped with an L mirror, and dresser a separate work area a television a coffee maker, and minibar a foot massager Wi-Fi air conditioning one-touch dialing for hotel services, and finally 24 by 7 in room dialing it was clean cozy, and comfortable space with everything you could possibly need to be at home for two days in a new city the bathroom one of my main criteria for judging any place was spotless, and again very aesthetic like everything else we had seen at this hotel.

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But paneling again soft lights, and an amazing tile drying rack apart from the usual contemporary toiletries the hotel also provided bathrobes slippers, and a hairdryer since it was still morning we went to the hotel’s restaurant era at the ground floor for breakfast not surprisingly by now the restaurant too was beautiful. But without being pretentious the menu offers many healthy options for those who are worried about their dives by traveling I’d say the ambience was relaxed, and the service was impeccable they dug in, and then headed back to reception where the help desk a reach for a taxi to take us to the methoxy national Kali temple after offering our prayers to the Divine Mother we checked out balule mud, and returned to the hotel in the evening since it had been raining that day our appetites were sharp, and we didn’t think we could make it to dinner without the snack. So we called him for some healthy aloo paratha served in room which turned out to be ready to lishus we went down to the restaurant for a hearty dinner a little later besides era people tree has two more food, and beverages outlets the lounge bar Riya on the first floor, and hotel Tamarra on the third floor. But we go back definitely it’s so close to the airport it’s located in a safe, and well-known area of Kolkata the hotel staff is well dressed, and very polite, and the food, and facilities left us lacking for absolutely nothing for a home away from home value of vacationing or working for good food, and friendly staff for a hassle-free short commute to, and from the airport you can’t go wrong with people tree I hope you enjoyed reading the post, and found the review useful rate this post with a thumbs up, and comment the blog for more posts, and I will see you soon in my next post.

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