What we’re doing tonight for Delhi people, I’m here at this time well done play teaching her the ways yeah um yeah we’ve got our drain here, and we are heading up to that car. So, and it’s right on top of a hill. So it takes about 35 minutes to get to the top.

So I think that looks like it’s gonna be a little bit of a hike. So we’ve got our hiking shoes on mm-hmm ready to go, and then we’re gonna fly the drone off that I could be the view that we see I hope. So you can kind of see that I hope. So there is a little bit of a fog today. So hopefully by the time we get to the top the fog is gone. Because this side there’s blue sky. So fingers crossed they come across believe you have a successful drone flight, and get some good of use or cooler alrighty got us a bit of a kick me up to start a little hike, and the buildings around here quite nice yeah we just pretty much walking down this road, and then the castle is up there somewhere.


So we pretty much gonna walk down there then it’s mostly gonna be like gonna climb high, and it’s mostly gonna be any incline to get us to the top there, and it looks to be clearing up I see the Sun poke you through a little bit. So hopefully when we’re at the top we can use the drone maybe stretch my legs on the try a bit. Because, I’m still we’ve still been using it in cities a lot there’s usually a lot of interference hence why the previous drone footage doesn’t have a lot of movement in it. So, I’m hoping to get a bit more movement there’s nothing in your way. So you can really should we go we’re kind of stuck oh um Maps told us to go this way then up apparently it’s just there. But up more I don’t know we’re gonna walk down this way hopefully we can see a path of course everything’s in Italian. So we don’t know which way to go I don’t know if it’s gotten more foggy I think it went the other way all right we found some stairs we still have some autumn left here in Italy.

But we’re checking the weather, and literally in a few days time a cold front is coming through, and at the moment do you think it’s about 14 degrees yes it’s dropping to 5 degrees in life good night no brain in Italy who else would have said no rain. So I was pretty hung about that I don’t mind if it’s cool there’s a beautiful hike up here we figured it out it was those steps what our here maps were saying, I’m back on track it’s up there it’s like walking on this windy road up to it yeah, I’m sure you can drive up here we like to hike. So we’ve made it to the entrance of Castle Bardell oh, and it looks like it was built I think what says during the 10 year ten years war between Como Milan 118 to 1027 does I mean what also says prehistorical Castle. So this is a really old castle well google this that’s crazy alright let’s go check it out it’ll look cool for the drone though if it’s got like a bit of a wall, and then the castle I don’t know this doesn’t seem to be anyone around well we’ll make sure we’re allowed to walk inside. Because we don’t fall on us it’s like that old we walk inside we’re not meant to knit it’s false we’ve been walking for about 30-40 minutes yeah. So walking for out 40 minutes we’re getting right close to the top, and the views are getting amazing we just wish it was a blue day. Because it’s really cloudy.

But look up here that is so pretty, and the lakes right out there that you as you can see it’s a bit of a cloudy day. But still I think we’re gonna get stuck with drone footage uh-huh we just need to go on top of there, and I think we’ll be there, I’m guessing let’s see. But it is a really pretty walk not too hard either I think it’s okay it’s pretty easy the incline isn’t too steep yeah, and it’s not like you have to climb rocks or anything. So it’s pretty good I mean there I want if they posted any movies here no no no no no seeing as its close with us having a little walk around. But it’s pretty cool seeing such an old building be it as if this little path around it that we hope we were allowed to go over. Because there was a little fence.

But we’re not going to touch the castle they’re having a look some pretty good views. But the trees are a little bit in the way oh yeah there’s another big fence they definitely don’t want us to see it see how the trees are a little bit in the way shall we go down a little bit off there fly it off just the trees aren’t in the way my dear maybe it’s closed for the winter time sort of setting up the drain here, and look at this incredible view. So imagine this on a really sunny day such a pretty area, and then up there is the castle let’s all get a little bit away from it Bharani I think that drone that drone shoot was a success, and now we are heading back down we found a little secret pathway. Because last time it can occur around with all the rosette. So instead we’re gonna go down here fingers crossed it’s a shortcut hopefully it doesn’t mean we go longer or get to the bottom, and there’s a big gate we have to jump. But yeah it’s nice seeing the little castle got some cool shots if you notice it was a bit of movement in the shots which was good I know it always defeats the point of doing a hike. But if you know there’s a treat at the end of the hike, and fix you do it that much more, and our choices Twix today all right whose idea was this I feel like, I’m going to die the ground is so slippery from the leaves oh my goodness it is steep, and slippery hello just what are you doing you look like an old woman why did you go this way this is not the road we were walking down this is not a shortcut looks further away they all righty we found the road quite possibly is the worst shortcut in the world yeah we did some backup travel room to have a coffee, and grab something extra warm as it is getting a little bit cold now we’re now heading down to the lake, and we’re gonna go find that steep train that takes us up the mountain or Hill I guess it’s more of a hill – another nice view we pick it up if that bit looks. So pretty look at that beautiful how pretty is this spot Steve yeah it’s so beautiful just trying to get a photo they fenced something so much of it all yeah some people find this spot oh yeah we can go down there then this area is so beautiful I think this may be the most beautiful place we’ve seen now in Europe it’s very different to every other place that we’ve been to it’s so cute I think I love the south south of Europe I definitely want to see more of it oh my gosh a car has just driven up onto this I saw his little um alloy oh my gosh look at maybe we should know oh yeah someone’s going I think they need another car to help them get off oh my gosh the ties pops, I’m just walking on along the lake, and we just found such a cute little spot there is a big fountain here, and then there’s a beautiful here all these mountains are they Islands with all these houses love it it’s so pretty I wish you could see with your own eyes. Because you can really see the houses in the camera they look. So little it’s so pretty right along the shore gorgeous alrighty guys we’re walking along the lake, and I think we can’t really go any further cuz there’s his house in the way. But mr. drainie is coming out to play, and we’re going to post along the lake getting it sorted getting it ready the joint saying there’s too much interference.

But I don’t know what it would be. Because I don’t know we’re out in such kind of like a naturally area not sure how this whole thing works. But is it just saying it I know what’s making it say that okay it’s not like when you like trains, and stuff again hey yeah it must be some other reason like, I’ll have to google it come on we want to fly your yeah I think its new names droney what do you think about that Daryl I kind of liked rainy dude what do you think yeah you like Turkey I know one guy said Daryl, and we tested it out for a bit I mean droney started coming out Daryl the drainie can we double the name what do you think Oh still this Daryl double d double d-day all the droney. But um yeah we’re trying to enjoy it as much as we can while the Sun sets. But we haven’t got the best of weather today as you can see, I’m sure you see in this view so much cuz they keep showing you guys gotta sucks the one day that we don’t have the best weather is the data or at a place where you want good weather deplane goodbye they do fly close I guess. Because, I’m ready to like land it keeps going safe to unsay safe too unsafe, and then clearest phone got down to 20%. So maybe we won’t do it today oh I guess we at least we got those good views from the top of that mountain thing we climbed that was pretty nice now I feel like we need to come back to this area again when it’s summertime like I really want to go see what’s it called stink Tori sympathetic seem to tear I really want to see that place I would love to hire a car art is landing let me see it down there it looks really small in the camera that’s pretty cool here I’d love to rent a car, and drive along the Amalfi Coast, and stuff in the summer time that would be.

So beautiful I’ve seen photos it all it’s really really pretty have you seen photos clear no have you heard of scene sync to tear before ah you’ll see a newbie like war took cookie crumbs that’s four hour drive away I already checked it’s like best to see in the summer as well that’s all that tried to go see cities that is nice in the summer, and the winter time some of these places you go to when you like German I wish it was sunny like today packing up Daryl de droney what do you think of the name Steve I like Claire like Daryl I like jeroni. So we’ll thinking of pulling him Daryl the droney that was a laugh of a nerd no have you what do you call him what do you what do you whisper to him late at night I love you yeah I love you who I love you Terrell or I love you trainee I feel like I put my arm out both of you know this unless you guys always want walk behind us whoever’s postging bro we are now heading back home to a little hotel, and we’re gonna grab some dinner, and uh see ya dinner some dinner cloudy here yeah I know I mean we did kind of seed como. But I feel like you come here you need to go to like it’s called Lake Como. So you do day trips up, and down like yes yeah this is like the main city. But main city better yeah still very beautiful well, I’m excited to see what it looks like at a train tomorrow. Because we are heading to the Venice yeah Venice that is like Claire’s number one place she’s always wanted to see yeah Venice yeah we’re worried about the bags as you’ve seen how all our bags are breaking Stevens wheel is not split in half Claire’s back as a no hope no hope at all, and we’ve heard that Venice is one of the hardest places to wheel a bag or a lousy bum we’ll see for our bags survive the trip we’re also trying to work out how to get from the train station to our hotel in Venice, and I think our hotel is on an island. So we need to work out if we need to swim there if we need to catch a seaplane how are we gonna do it or maybe what else do you go across to know all the guys singing to me is we’ve got all our bags shoved in a gondola going across little light all righty guys we just realized that we have to wake up at 6:00 a.m. to catch our train to Venice. So we are going to bed. But thanks for reading we got lots more Italian adventures planned for you. So thanks for sticking around alright guys we’ll see you tomorrow bye.

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