Whoa whoa what do you think you’re doing Hey guys taking over we are here in Paris this is like our fifth or sixth day in Paris. So we have seen all the sights if you expect him to cease on the other side we have been here before to check the Paris playlist below, and you can check us checking out them the Louvre, and the Eiffel Tower, and all that stuff. So today we don’t lose marbles. So today we thought we would go, and check some the other sites that we missed the last time we empower. So we are actually walking to the world news today. Because that is like just this favorite movie we excited, and then we’re going to go, and see the Pantheon, and we’re going to go see some canals, and then we’ll see all the rest of the day guys yes there should be good day you. So walk into the Moulin Rouge at the moment, and of course Malan Rouge is in the red-light district, and we were just joking around we missed the red light district in Amsterdam avoid it well I was to avoid it yes, and we didn’t avoid the one in Paris or.


So and, I’ll show you the windows right now they are not the best not a family for your family for any problem. But um yes the area is very red light district even know what’s really going on something’s up, and I can only guess a car doesn’t matter when doesn’t matter where always hits me when, I’m out there I just feel like it’s something new every day where do I sign huge yeah we just proved us outside. Because you have to pay to go inside of course. Because they do this shows the cabaret shows in the can-can, and all that we’re not going to go to see it. Because we don’t have any time to zip really okay that’s why we’re not going to go see it, I’m to like a dinner, and stuff Wow it’s not that we don’t have time we don’t the money do you see you. But, I’m kind of interesting seed in the area, and I suppose I mean the movie wasn’t posted here. But that I assume would be the apartment where what’s the character guy here I go mr.

Christian would live, and then he’d look over here to the to the ferris wheel where Nicole Kidman where. So you always cool it’s a windmill or one real story number excuse me miss forgets Only Knows angles. But yeah it’s really interesting area kind of worth to walk past, and check it out I mean if you want to go see the show you have the kind of money yeah yeah now we’re going to walk back to this area which I’ve forgotten what the area is called we’ll remember when we get there, and check it out always, I’m not sure if you can tell we just talked up a really steep hill do you get to the top of this hill what’s the best way to get a safe one looks like you I think it’s called Sakurai : like for pure, and up here we’re gonna try to find a nice view of Paris, and find this really cool building what’s the building called Steve Saint remember we’re going to find this cool building it’s called saying something, I’ll quickly look it up until you guys hang on it’s more like vast at least do sacra cure feels like a building looks like a religious building right on top of the hill here in Paris I think we’re going to the highest point in Paris. So, I’m sure there’s gonna be like nice views overlooking the city we lost even I don’t worry it it’s very much like the suburban area where it has like these old rocks here, and like little apartments, and lots of cars all of those lots of restaurants up here it’s a very different area to the pub the other part sister city we’ve looked out in a very French little like a little French town yeah rather than in Paris cute yeah it is try tiring. Because it’s really steep well this is the heel of Paris ISM yeah we go onto the top of the hill. But it is cool quite steep would be starting from I know it looks. So cute you can see the building poking through now that’s what week trying to aim at, I’m just finding like a little older that’s cute by finding um little alleyways to walk through do you see the little easel yeah looks post a little paint shop.

But we get into it looks cool such a French guy they can find out close to it now it is such a pretty building I love it this car hee hee that’s so cool walking right up to the front to check out the view, and you can see. So far such a nice day here in Paris we have yet to see rain ever since we’ve come here in Europe I don’t believe it we’ve been here for three weeks now we haven’t seen rain. So weird yeah maybe here’s the view it’s a little bit foggy let’s see what I can Bob wonder if we can see the Eiffel Tower from here hmm maybe, I’ll go down there where everyone is out of the water. But you can kind of see some view we don’t have it up all the trees are in the way which is terrible. So this is the name you see specialists do separate cured am on Tomas crew it’s not that that’s what we are now, and there it is everyone’s come to enjoy the views of Paris as you can see it is very busy it’s so pretty it is so hot today we like lay it up as your photos gonna be really cool. But it’s really sunny oh always swinging help see thank you he’s so cute oh dear this is a nice day this would be such a few area for a picnic.

So all this area here, and then down there’s like a little merry-go-round such a cute area this weather is so nice today I guess tomorrow we’ll think you’re going this morning we’ve ordered our tickets, and we weren’t sure they’re going to go through. Because we use like a weird card that we weren’t sure if you could use online purchases on, and they say well we’d be four hours. So we know who the tickets, and jess has been like. So nervous all day, and she’s like if I want to go to just Lancers I’ve been a little kid. So, I’m just going to see if, I’m try surprise her, and tell her we’re going first walnut tree sorry in advance just it emails it would concur Khan get the tickets we can go calmly no show me, I’ll show you joking no I know you J he you, and say this comp are going to Disneyland excited to go to Disneyland yes you wouldn’t sure stupid sure fool gonna go. Because, I’m ultimately excited tweezing a card.

But we might refuted by teens online yeah Stevie okay. Because of the stuff up with the hostel we all had to come back here, and change the room. So we’re now in our new area which looks exactly the same with us on the fifth floor there before we just put our stuff away, and we’re going to go, and have a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower for lunch. So we’re gonna head down to a grocery store choose maybe someone great ties are, and some wines off, and then we go ahead down on have a picnic down there um, I’m very sad of a Disneyland Moreau mmm very excited. So we’ve got a taking today’s a bit of a chilled out day. Because I know tomorrow’s so tiring whenever we go to theme parks it is so tiring um yeah we’re gonna go do that now, and then I don’t know what we’re gonna do tonight not sure probably relax okay yeah well I mean this is coming to the end of our Buster elves tour is so exciting our last day this is my Disneyland. So excited to the end, and then we thought this will be after Disneyland we’ve been to one in Orlando LA Paris our plan is to go to all of them eventually in our last album six seven to this um Shanghai on column Turkey actory supposed to be the story we still need to go to six or together we love Disneyland that’s not. So he says that yeah oh yes I totally forgot to tell you guys a bit of a traumatic experience that was a reason yeah. So yeah that area were in the sacre bleu we go psycho cure beautiful area. But unfortunate a little bit of Oh G area. Because someone actually try to pickpocket me now the thing is you also guess someone’s going to pickpocket you when you’re like when you’re not even going to notice it. But when it reacts it yeah.

So we’re not, and he was like worried from where you from, and it’s up these hands for anything. But like what he does is you grab you like here. So then your attentions focus is there, and then they try to take you. But like they are just like I pushed him off, and and then Cleo, and I were both around him to like really scary yeah. So we like you know he was like worried from, and you know he looks like he tried to sell you a tour or something. But instead he touches you. So then you feel that, and then while he’s doing that attention pickpockets going down you’ll notice you take it didn’t take anything will find.

But we pushed them off and. So just go away go away. But yeah if you have interested in the pickpocket situation it’s not that it’s going to happen more you just randomly walking down the street something up picking you know it’s going to happen to you. Because someone will come, and do it the norm oh it’s really busy sometimes over he’s affected by this mug we’re going to hear first of the day now all righty we try to find our local grocery store we always use when we were here last time I know sweetie okay this is fancy whose hotel no I saw like black gates you have to go, and there’s like people the doorman with hats on it’s fancy is it oh mercy hello all right. So we’re off to find our grocery store, and then we’re going to go down to the hotel for a picnic we were just discussing if we should like dress our Halloweeny for Disneyland and, I’m gonna have a go, I’m a very good at this cactus yet not, I’m not privacy what ought to happen okay I missed you, and we get to see with blue skies. Because last time was always gray skies it’s looking very pretty we are under it again whoa hello it seems like really busy down look at this whoa I saw a tweet last time maybe doesn’t leak movie is sure busy this one is a song right there oh I forgot a sorry, and the Sun is really bright, and I didn’t have my own studies stuck in the Eiffel Tower right here right carried me we just made it to the Eiffel Tower, and the sun’s just set, and the tails lighting up organizing our picnic we got some champagne glasses. But I choose you just great also know I think he could they come apart oh how could I pull all these up I don’t know.

So we’re just having dessert, and just about about to eat my first cookie, and starts to Sparkle Wow such a beautiful building ruined by someone trying something here mm-hmm cookie well maybe this was our last day in Europe this would be an amazing baby uh-huh well it’s a good way of ending the bust Alps tour yeah this is technically the last day of the trip. So for a lot of people they go home tomorrow remember this would have been oh yeah magic way what got ankle ‘zed Oh all righty guys thanks for all that enjoy thanks for joining us today please observe not a nice, and ending to the day yeah. But we’re still in Paris tomorrow we’re going to Disneyland Akina following olena yes we would we’re gonna be in a French Disneyland while it’s Halloween just cool it’s quite excited alrighty. So thanks for reading, and we will see you tomorrow don’t know what’s really going on like something’s awesome I can only guess a car.

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