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Phoenix/Mesa Subway Map on Meanwhile, an unidentified arsonist torched Cantat’s home in the south of France burning it to the ground. Nadine Trintignant, Marie’s mother, took a more direct route in blaming the rock star for her daughter’s death. In October 2003, the director published her book, Ma Fille, Marie (My Daughter, Marie), overcoming a legal challenge by Cantat’s attorney that its publication would undermine his client’s right to be presumed innocent. Though Trintignant never referred to Cantat by name in the book, no reader encountering the term murderer 85 times in the text could fail to understand who she meant. The book became a best seller in France where the public was hungry for any information about the sensational case. An international press corps of over 200 journalists packed the Vilnius District Court as Cantat’s trial began before a three-judge panel on March 16, 2004. Under Lithuanian law, the rock star did not have to enter a plea, but faced a maximum 15 year sentence if found guilty of man – slaughter. Phoenix/Mesa Subway Map 2016.

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