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Phoenix/Mesa Map Tourist Attractions on Then on April 18, 1922, Will Hays black – listed Arbuckle in the film industry. While the ban was officially rescinded nine months later, Arbuckle was damaged goods in the eyes of a public still largely believing the Hearst-fed hype about his immorality. Friends like Keaton stepped in permitting Arbuckle to work as a writer and director under assumed names like William Good – rich. After announcing he was through with acting, Arbuckle signed a deal with Reel Comedies to produce and direct 13 uninspired comedies for which he received no film credit. The former superstar kept busy performing in vaudeville and ill-advisedly investing in a hotel and supper club just before the Depression. In 1932, studio head Jack Warner offered Arbuckle a series of six Vitaphone two-reelers in which he was slated to ap – pear in front of the camera. Hey, Pop!, released November 12, 1932, marked the first time in nearly a decade Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle appeared under his own name in any type of motion picture. Phoenix/Mesa Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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