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RELIGION While the country is predominantly Catholic, there are churches of all denominations, including the Philippine Independent Church and the Iglesia Ni Cristo, which are modified forms of Catholicism and Protestantism respectively. In Manila there are numerous American churches, such as the Central Church on San Luis Street, the Ellinwood Church on Wright Street, the Knox Memorial Church on Rizal Avenue, the Holy Trinity (Episcopal) on San Biiis, and many others.

RESTAURANTS : In Manila the Bulakena Restaurant and the Aristocrat Restaurant on Dewey Boulevard specialize in native foods. New Europe, the Keg Room, the Swiss Inn, the Winter Garden of the Manila Hotel, the Golden Lotus of the Bay View Hotel, Cafe Indonesia and Boie’s on the Escolta serve Filipino, Spanish, American, Chinese, European and Indonesian foods. Max’s on Dewey Boulevard and its main restaurant in Quezon City specialize in fried chicken and have delighted many tourists. Prices in these eating places are not any higher than American prices.

SHOPS AND STORES : The principal shopping places in Manila are on the Escolta, Rizal Avenue, Dasmarinas, Quezon Boulevard, Carriedo and Echague. Native articles, especially souvenirs, are also available in native stores on the Escolta and in Ermita and Malate Districts. Most of the merchandise sold in the better stores is American. Stores are open from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and from 2:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. or later in the evenings. On Sunday the stores are open only in the morning. Prices are slightly higher than those in the States. Local products are inexpensive.

SPECTATOR SPORTS . .Polo, baseball, soccer, basketball, boxing, yachting regattas. Baseball and basketball are now the most popular sports. Basketball games are held 12 months a year at the Rizal Colisium. Tickets are sold at the game site or at a few better stores in Manila.

THEATERS : Amateur dramatic societies stage plays and operettas several times a year. Visiting opera companies and theatrical troupes give performances occasionally. The price of admission ranges from $2.50 to $10. While most of these plays are in English, Spanish is also used.

TIME : Manila is 16 hours later than United States Pacific Coast time and 13 hours later than United States Eastern Standard Time. Daylight Saving Time is not observed.

TRANSPORTATION : Good taxi service, buses, jeepneys, trains and steamer. There are over 72 daily inter-island air trips to all points of interest. Chauffeur-driven cars for hire are available for as low as $2 an hour in Manila or suburbs. Trips to outlying tourist spots in the provinces may be arranged.



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