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Philippines Metro Map on 7: Front-running a break or turn of the market with too little buildup to warrant such action. And lastly, let us one more time summarize the seven most essential price action principles in any chart. They concern: Double pressure. Support and resistance. False breaks, tease breaks and proper breaks. False highs and lows. Pullback reversals. Philippines Metro Map 2016.

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The BBC coverage was graphic, the event stood out as an iconic moment in history. The American administration under President Nixon had seen the writing on the wall and agreed a ceasefire with North Vietnam in January 1973, as a prelude to the USA getting out. The next two years saw the US forces disengage from South Vietnam and return home. South Vietnam was left to prepare itself for the final conflict. North Vietnam, under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh, largely ignored the ceasefire, they continued to harry and hassle the South.

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