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Hey guys today we are leaving a novel, and going to our next Philippines destination we’re not exactly sure how we’re gonna get there. So it’ll be a bit of an adventure, and I guess we’ll find out we’re gonna try, and get a bus to botto we’re trying to go it’s not really a common place to go for tourists. So we’re not exactly sure what’s gonna happen, and then from there we’re gonna try, and get a boat to where we need to go which is also another common place for people to go. So we’ll see how it turns out but. So far. So good it looks like a gridlock, and we can get just about to my god pretty cool we’ve had good luck with transport today we’ve just gotten to our hotel, and it is way better than we even expected I didn’t even know. But it has a pool looks really beautiful here it has a restaurant is a coffee shop for us to work at we just got some refreshing well this is supposed to be iced tea.

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But it’s not like any iced tea I’ve ever seen looking into a boat before tomorrow that we’re going to be using for a really exciting adventure, and yeah have you just been messing around in the background the whole time I don’t know he do such things there is no snoring allowed today we have to work, and bring the posts to you guys, and edit, and then we can go out, and do big exploring tomorrow it’s got it work right now Hey guys today. So excited to be going to this gorgeous sandbar we have today done something that we don’t normally we have booked a private tour vote for just the two of us absolutely, I’m so excited it’s gonna be. So beautiful bitches are votes for the day she’s so dramatic busted caption assay Novogratz. But as just to cover up I know that you that attacked you you slept on me collected season keep you up, and she is just gorgeous the Sun has just come up, and we aren’t the absolute first ones out here there’s nobody else we have this place all to ourselves. So cuz it’s so shallow, and we can just stand, and the boat actually dock just about too sure. But the sandbar here. So it is a bit strange coming from land , and a picture of my girl on me you said do you ever wonder with me you couldn’t be into this I don’t think about it often on seeker who do you think you fool every caption caption there are so many starfish that, I’m actually afraid to walk.

Because there’s too many to count and, I’m afraid to step on one she wants reactions at captions I ordered some of this fresh food that they were bringing around. So apparently they just caught us with really close to here, and they made it for me delivered it to my boat, and it was pretty cheap it was only 150 pesos this is amazing I’ve never had fresh squid before, and you can really tell the difference this is such high-quality food, and the place immediate entice this place just keep getting more, and more beautiful as the Sun comes up the water just seems to get more, and more blue more clear over here was in high tide before. But now the tide has gone down to practically water up to your ankles just going on forever this tan bar is enormous, and it must be one of the most amazing places that I’ve ever seen definitely gonna be a highlight of the trip look at this not your fault another sign or a human cast in a picture of my girl all up on me you said do you ever wonder why mean you couldn’t even the truth this I don’t think about it off, and honestly girl who do you think you’re fooling every caption battery we’re about. But they seem to be having some trouble starting the engine at least this would be the best place in the world to be stranded. So guys I hope that you have not forgotten about the Guatemala trip that papi, and I are doing together I talked about it in my last post, and we’re really excited to meet you guys, and for you to come on this trip with us yeah, and there’s only 25 available, and they are filling up. So be sure to click in the link below, and sign up, and come meet us in Guatemala yeah cuz I know de you can cast in a picture of my girl up on me you said do you ever wonder why mean you couldn’t be.

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