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Christopher’s existence may be admitted because of the antiquity of his cult, attested by Mart. hier., and on the basis of the inscription of the deposition of his relics in the church dedicated to him in Bithynia at Chalcedon in 452 AASS Nov. 2, 2, 396. His feast is 9 May in Synax. Eccl. CP, 24 July in the Naples calendar, 25 July in Mart. hier. in Licia civitate Samon natale sancti Christofori, which is the basis of his other attestations in the West. According to the Mart. hier., the cult originated in Lycia. The Passiones from the 8th c. and later are a collection of unlikely events. Reprobus, a supposed giant cynocephalus, was baptized at Samos and from then on was called Christopher regarding human giants in antiquity, see Phlegon, De mirabilibus, 11-19. Philadelphia Subway Map After many tortures Christopher died a martyr whose life would not be forgotten. In the 13th c. the etiological legend of the Christ-bearer developed in German lands. Some have mistakenly wanted to see in Christopher the christianization of the pagan cult of Anubis, or even of Heracles, who carried Eros. BHG 308-311; BHL 1764-1780; BHO 190-192; D­az 431; BS 4, 349-364; BBKL 1, 1012-1014; LCI 5, 496-508; Handwrterbuch des deutschen Aberglaubens 2, 65-75; W. De Gr¼neisen, Sainte Marie Antique, Rome 1911, 516-517.

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