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Philadelphia Map on The man, later identified as Davidson, was shot at least once in the upper body and left for dead. The case was never solved although police felt that it may have been linked to the earlier kidnapping attempt. The drummer’s 16-year-old son, Quentin Maurice Davidson, Jr., was murdered in Prince George’s County on April 5, 1999. Further Reading Jeter, Jon. Go-Go Music Pioneer Footz Davidson Is Found Shot to Death on P.G. Philadelphia Map 2016.

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After leaving Singapore, we headed for Tanjong Priok, the port for Djakarta, for a six-day stay. Djakarta is the capital and main port of the island of Java in Indonesia. Indonesia has the fourth-highest population in the world, Java is the most populated island in the world, Djakarta is the most populated city in South-East Asia. Indonesia is an archipelago made up of 17,500 islands: lots of people, lots of islands ranging from tiny and uninhabited spots to the massiveness of Sumatra. Indonesia teems with romance and history – the Moluccas, once known as the Spice Islands, where nutmeg, mace, cloves and other spices were fought over for centuries; the Spice Wars in the seventeenth century killed off the whole indigenous population.

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