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Phatthalung Travel on 4 Of these things am I part-cause. (The speaker is Aphrodite.) A very primitive formula involving this belief appears to be preserved by the Neoplatonist Proclus (fifth century a.d.), who states that at the Eleusinian rites the Athenians locked up to the sky and shouted ve ! (Rain!’), then down to the earth and shouted kv€ ! (Conceive!’). It is quoted also in the polemics of the Christian apologist Hippolytus against the pagans as the great and unspeakable mystery of the Eleusinia.6 1 The convenient phrase does not itself occur in extant Greek literature before the Alexandrian period, since as used by Plato (Laws, 84id) it refers to human marriage and is not directly relevant. Phatthalung Travel 2016.

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