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Peru places to visit on Third, the correction was a 50 percent retracement of the \tominant bear swing and the first to defy it. Fourth, an eveningstar variant in the top set up the short (4-5-6) . The entry below bar 6 228 Chapter 8 Recap Part I was offered slightly above the 25ema, but with the average still trending this can even be a plus (little risk for an even deeper perforation). And lastly, there was the 50-level magnet waiting below. All in all, it is fair to suggest that these bearish elements sufficiently offset the potential for obstruction within the little box progression. Bulls may have done their best to extend the correction for as long as possible, but once the break below bar 6 was set, the bearish dominance quickly reemerged. As prices hit the 50-level, a resistance exit may have been an option, but strictly seen, there was no reason to intervene since the market was in trending mode. Peru places to visit 2016.

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