Hey everyone we are just heading out of the house right now.

Because we’re going to go up to my brother’s University, and go, and have a lunch with him come on Steve just looking for the car keys do you have a yes also alright we are off, and we are late this is my brother’s first year doing a degree in tourism. But the funny thing is is he studying tourism. But he’s never been on a plane he’s never been on a holiday, and my mission this year is to get Jake on a plane. But, I’m pretty sure he’s really scared of flying we never admits it. But I reckon that is why he’s never been on a plane that little white splotchy head is we think it’s Jake we’re not entirely sure after feeling like complete stalkers it is Jake we found every go to love the architecture at our old university it’s pretty pretty cool pretty unique was so interesting walking around my university. Because that was mine, and Jessica’s university as well where we spend four years while I spend four years that just spent six years of her life, and then we just stopped going there for two years, and we walked around everything’s still the same nothing’s changed we got this message from Heidi saying that we should go check out this Perth secret garden these are the coordinates if you guys were interested, and it’s such a beautiful day that we’re just gonna go have to check it out we just said goodbye to my brother, and now we’re gonna go check out this place that soup was talking about you say your coordinates.


But you don’t really know what’s going on don’t know what’s going on. So we popped the coordinates in our phone, and we’re gonna go check it out, and see what it’s like. So Stephens taking me to some weird wetlands place we’re going into like gigantic bamboo territory oh my gosh the grass is so long what I do it once tilicho noticed me this is cool yes it’s like people cut it what I don’t even know we had bamboo I knew we had bad dreams, I’m used to it sounded oh my gosh let’s go through this pit what is this thing what is this place I always being shouted boom, and now yes we probably should watch off the snakes this is like perfect snake territory pandas I throw it back a couple years just for a minute spinning like a record play place is beautiful looks like you’re in Wonderland I think there’s been fairies around yeah sure can I do like fairy stuff here yes the Chester Bennett teaches I get offended busied edges we need to come here for a picnic, and we should bring Claire I think she’ll find his place amazing. So cute if we understood how hard he were on the way out look at me like why feels like Wonderland hey listen wonderful Lena everyone s I really think people use this is like very hard this is so cool if you were a kid, and came here you’d have like the time of your life blow what no way if you guys are from person want to check it out the place is called Kara not wetlands, and it is a. So cool I know, I’m still a child Oh Oh yep we need to stop doing this.

But we need to quickly squeeze in like an hour of work, and loads up Danny off mmm. But it needs to be done there’s a bug bite aphids not since we woke up this morning. Because literally better I don’t need dollar bills, and that 10,000 I reach what’s up literals song score cheap thrills oh is it I don’t know how to say that line literally the first thing I hear from him like I wake up in the morning of this line there, and that I still hear him sing it melts in my head all day any more of those veggie sausages really anything good on sizzle yeah if any of you guys aren’t there don’t eat meat I think these are quite the yummy ones radio lars Vernon ox Friday not everything I want sausages name is been making sausages without me the car came into the door Nilla on our clarity I just want Stephen Jeff type, and a time where our sausage sizzles v sizzling yes, and Ivo on that Steve jumpin honour, and yours your Bernard bloody honey pizza then it’s weird isn’t it it’s weird isn’t it sweet sausage not a piece are we crazy night in playing some Wario Zoe such a stupid game ha ha go go go go the game is all right all right all right you guys thanks so much for reading if you enjoyed today’s post give us a thumbs up, and we’ll see you tomorrow night guys oh gosh our original silver Becky go ahead as well guys is midnight, and we just had prank calls, and I thought I wish we post the whole thing but. So Steve how long a bit, and we Hercule are reading some scary TV show. So what we did was we got our phone, and we connected it up to her Netflix, and then we got on like a six second post of this scary girl screaming, and we put it up, and it scared clear. So much. So she came in screaming us all scared, and then we went back to sleep with their half asleep, and it clearly comes with cream, and then just kills us with cream oh my gosh I wish I feel that that was funny I didn’t good luck guys you.

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