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Periodic table with charges on The body identified, Las Vegas police began looking for their prime suspect, the homeless handyman known only as Wayne. During the thirteen day interval between the time the body was found in the desert and its belated identification, the killer systematically drained Smith’s bank account of nearly $3,300 using the dead man’s ATM debit card. Graydon Brooker, 46, a homeless man known to residents in the mobile home complex, was initially picked up, questioned, and cleared. On October 24, 2002, Charles Wayne Crombie, 52, was arrested in the Palms Hotel-Casino food court. Jay Smith’s 1998 Buick was recovered in the parking lot of the Palms. Less than a week later, Crombie confessed to stabbing Smith three times in the stomach and beating him to death in the bedroom of his benefactor’s home. He wrapped the former actor’s body in a sheet and drove the Buick to a remote desert area outside of Las Vegas to dump the remains. Periodic table with charges 2016.

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