What People Think About Christianity in Italy?

Most of the people in Italy think of Christianity as a culture more than a faith. They follow cultural norms which are somehow grounded in Christian beliefs. However, they see Christian church as a strong institution in society and they admit the influence of church on social issues.

What are beliefs of people in Italy?

Well, basically there are two kinds of people in Italy according to faith. Some are those who practice Christian faith and are generally known as Catholics. These people usually belong to catholic families who have pure Christian values. They value good deeds, believe in God and frequently go to church. Other people are those who belong to families with weak values. They go to university or jobs in a liberal environment and develop liberal mindset. They doubt the sovereignty of God and Jesus. They also criticize Church as an institution that influences society.

What do Italian people think about Jesus?

Italian people can be divided into two categories when it comes to Jesus. The practicing Christians aka Catholics in Italy, view Jesus as a child. For them the position of Jesus is central to Christianity and he is a good person with divine spirit. This is why they view Jesus as an exemplary figure to achieve salvation. However, the Italian people belonging to other category view Jesus as an important historical figure just like Mohammad and Gandhi. Also, they doubt the information about Jesus and his divinity. There is an argument between them that the knowledge about Jesus is mostly misleading and superficial.

How often can you meet Christian people in Italy?

So overall in Italy its quite possible to meet people who believe in Christianity. Also, you might not meet those people so often in certain parts of Italy but according to a survey conducted by italianosingles, its possible that you frequently encounter them on the south side. But as earlier said, people in Italy see Christianity as a culture so those who even don’t believe in Christian church, might also be following some cultural norms related to the faith.

In Italy, Christianity is on rise lately and other Christian nations like United Kingdom are helping them in this cause. They are knotting ties with Italian people and helping them to make a strong commitment to Christianity. Though traditional prayer sessions and making a spiritual connection with Christ is not common in Italy but people are trying to set such meetings more often.

Italy is a place of ancient traditions and new mindsets. Its people are completely aware of the nature of their culture and that’s why somehow view Christianity in a more neutral and tolerant way.

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