Penangs Food Street Art

Come on in everybody how you guys doin’ say we thought we’d show you how easy it is to get the name we’re totally saying type thing, and if you’d like an hour train to get us towards Penang of course it’s going to be a fairing there that is an island. But we pretty much as corner our trains train station will clip mantra jam I mean yeah hey you catch the train from talking to bucket medicham, and then focus my post manager metal name from pocket medicham you catch the train cutters work, and then you pretty much fun tonight, and we’re gonna be saw George yeah it matter damn let us know how we say below welcome to bottles worth it’s already time to find the ferry the city sounds like an evil villain pet cat like a white one mrs. Linton’s worth.

Penangs Food Street Art Photo Gallery

But if you guys were interested you can come here from kr International part of five hour train ride I don’t open any apply popular that’s why when we thought of poster boards were like we’ve got to go, and show it to you guys, and then once you get here you just needed to catch berry I think there’s like 15 ring get some tightening to get me on the train which is the equivalent of buzzer my box or voice box really in snap map 40 cents each little token welcome to Danang island everyone before we go out, and explore we’re just walking through like the historical district. Because apparently there’s a really cool cafe, and I feel like we don’t do a place just we don’t go find it today, and if you’ve seen a hotel with us. So what they do is they get some penis the container is your room really yeah I’ve heard about them in in later what that’s cool ah Oh I am hello so much last time in a bagel to having the Queen is nice if you guys interested call much off and, I’m so happy guys these bikes are like super popular here in Penang can we do it as long as we can get up on top no we don’t do it we do return on these sides of families all the photographer oh yeah.

I’m posting you got to swing I don’t know one no one is really nice for like they reach the interactive graffiti there’s almost like a bit of a walk you can do you’re going to some different spots get some good you stood outside it’s not a cool oh. So there was a bakery, and I just want to see what she was doing what do you do on there Jessica which is that a bagel I think I’ve also found out the name is full of cool hipster if I don’t have enough while you’re taking that photo I know I know what you went to the bakery no–but it’s like a really cool restaurant as smells. So good in there, and I want you to deceit look the restaurant in use today are really cool oh I found a map of all the different oh we can go check them out like I just been expecting tonight to have a really impressive stuff just want to show you them just in case if you want to kind of you can put love ish come oh wow Oh YUM Oh Jeff what are you doing to me okay I don’t know wonder what we’re trendsetter we don’t eat chicken thank you thank you thank you thank you I feel like if we were to get a bike this is the one we would get turn that up these pieces are so cool to just walk around, and explore aimlessly like old old-school Malaysia this guy makes the airplane you wish you could amaze, I’m stalling oh you almost got hit there just almost got hit there crazy driver justice sounds our first love ice cream. So now what to be order the last ice cream he takes no coins here with chopsticks, and super duper popular. But you know we would something like a really busy part of a city we’re like it’s the time square of Bangkok the Time Square KL I promise you this time it is the time scrubs name also 1908 heritage side beautiful how shall we preserve it with the macker I don’t one guy’s a no II like to post the cat a not that long ago.

But it was for our go-cart hungry third party or vegan cafe it’s called holy wander of course pretty hipster, I’m just going to get some grub yes we can say no to the vegan ISA, and we’ve got some like smoothie I’ve actually took off, and they are through different drinks all right guys we have vacuum typing we’re ending our night we’re going to go find some food. But just the choir end of post we’re heading off to Borneo tomorrow’s have you’ve been there please let us know what we should get up to be good version research too much to do in Borneo. So any any comment on what to do would be amazing also one last thing in typing it was settled by the British. So you have like all this Asian, and then you have the Indian, and the Chinese influence, and then you have these beautiful amazing buildings as if we just walked into Europe really cool, I’m going to end the post right here. So if you did enjoy the post please give the post a thumbs up, and if you are new here we’d love for you to join in come on our adventures. So please hit comment, and we’ll see you guys on the next adventure bye.

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