Where is Patonga? – Map of Patonga – Patonga Map for Free Download and Prin

Afterwards, Frances never thought about her honeymoon again. Not actively, and since five nights in a family beach house at Patonga was not the sort of memory to force itself to mind unbidden, 17 years had passed without her recalling a single detail.

Where is Patonga? – Map of Patonga – Patonga Map for Free Download and Prin Photo Gallery

But now, sitting at a terrace table under a broad white umbrella, watching Ian manoeuvre a heavy piece of sashimi into his mouth, Frances was gripped with the realisation that she ought to have dredged those few days from the depths of her memory and inspected them with forensic attention before embarking on this, her second honeymoon.

Had there been signs? If she’d thought to look, would it be clear now, from the fact that Jason had collected the wrong set of keys from his parents and decided to break in with a brick, from the all-night scratch and hiss of possums on the roof, from the weak April sun or unrelenting westerly that carried the smell of blood and bone from a factory across the lagoon in through the bedroom window, that the marriage was blighted from the beginning?

Frances took a sip of water and adjusted her wrap, as Ian toiled on with his chopsticks. Her body was so much

better then, that was easily remembered, young skin smooth and taut. Now it gathered into tiny creases above her knees and at her inner elbows, like a skin on boiled milk drawn back with a spoon. Her entire mid-section had been laid to waste by two pregnancies, and if a racy black bikini had been worn and inevitably shed in Patonga, the only swimsuit she packed this time was a sensible one-piece.

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