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8 Crawford Place, W1 020 7262 4015 Open noon-midnight daily It’s little more than a hole in the wall, but Patogh offers the most richly satisfying chargrilled meats in London. Choose from one of seven types of kebab, squeeze around one of the handful of tables and feast on a massive round of fresh flat bread, squeaky-fresh salads and your meat of choice. Cheap A taste of the East: London Living’s top five Middle Eastern … travelquaz

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Patogh London

I asked where we were. He told me not to worry. We came to a crossroads. I told him to stop. He said there was no need. I shouted in his face to stop the car now! He looked at me and smiled. I grabbed his arm and told him to stop the car or I would stop it for him. He stopped. I jumped out with my bag. He stepped out and came round the car.

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