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Pasco Travel on The rise of New Pacifism or Norman Angellism met with mixed reactions from established pacifist organizations. Some decried his appeal to material selfinterest rather than morality as the principal reason for opposing war, condemning in particular his acceptance 30 Andorra of the legitimacy of military establishments as a safeguard against aggression. Many others interpreted his work to mean that armed conflict, being unprofitable, had become economically impossible as opposed to selfdefeating, a misapprehension which Angell would spend much of his life attempting to dispel. A more serious criticism leveled against his work, however, was that The Great Illusion spoke only to those liberal Western elites who shared Angell’s assumptions about the desirability of preserving modern industrial society in its existing form, and ignored the very different priorities of extremists on both the Left and Right who posed the chief threat to peace. After the Great War (that Angell regarded as a vindication of his warnings), he joined the British Labor Party, serving as Member of Parliament for North Bradford in the short-lived MacDonald administration of 1929-31. Although he quickly became disillusioned both with politics and with the Labor party, a knighthood in 1931 maintained him in the public eye, as did the award of the Nobel Prize two years later. During the 1930s, Angell campaigned energetically in support of the League of Nations, advocating the creation of a more effective system of collective security to check fascist expansionism. Pasco Travel 2016.

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