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Paris Subway Map on almost any mentally unstable listener of the Alan Berg Show might possibly have had a reason to kill the shock jock. The case finally broke on October 18, 1984, after FBI agents investigating The Order of the Silent Brotherhood, a white supremacist neo?Nazi group dedicated to the radical overthrow of the United States government, went to arrest member Gary Lee Yar – brough, 29, at his home ten miles north of Sandpoint, Idaho. Inside the house, agents found a cache of automatic weapons and ammunition, Nazi literature, and the action plan for The Order outlining a campaign of hatred against Jews and other minorities. More importantly for the Berg case, the raid yielded the Mac-10 submachine gun used in the murder of the talk show host. Yarbrough escaped capture, but FBI agents acting on information supplied by an informant arrested the man and other members of the neo?Nazi group at a hotel in Portland, Oregon on Novem – ber 25, 1984. The unrepentant racist denied any involvement in the assassination of the Jewish deejay and, when pressed by reporters to name the killer, responded, God. Yarbrough and nine other members of The Order were ultimately convicted of various multistate racketeering charges and sentenced in February 1986 to prison terms ranging from 40 to 100 years. Paris Subway Map 2016.

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