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Rosenthal effect an effect in which the expectancy an experimenter has about the outcome of an experiment unwittingly affects the outcome of the experiment in the direction of the expectancy. [Robert Rosenthal (1933- ), U.S. psychologist rostral adj. 1. pertaining to a beak or snout. 2. Paris Metro Map 2016.

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When we measured the angle, it was known as a sight. Star sights were more accurate because we would take half a dozen in a few minutes and then produce a lot of lines that would cross to give an accurate position. Sun sights were accurate enough, although we were only using one celestial body, taking sights progressively as the sun’s relative movement tracked across the sky to give position lines that gradually changed direction, which in turn allowed us to get a cross and fix the position. Every day, as long as the sky was clear we would find an accurate position at dawn and dusk from the stars, and would find a reasonably accurate position from the sun at noon. There were other ways to discover where we were, such as radio directional finders.

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