Paramaribo Map

Paramaribo Map

Free Facts Paramaribo City
Free Countries Paramaribo Map: Suriname
Free Paramaribo Map States: Paramaribo District
Found to Paramaribo Map: 1630
Free Paramaribo Map and Area: 183 km2
Free Paramaribo Map and Population: 244946
Free Paramaribo Map And Lat Long Coordinate: 5°52²N 55°10²W
Free Time Zone of Paramaribo Map: UTC-3
Free Paramaribo Map And Codes: 597
Free Languages of Paramaribo Map: Dutch, Sranang Tongo
Free Religions of Paramaribo Map: Christianity ,Indian( Hinduism, Islam)
Free Interesting places of Paramaribo Map: Fort Zeelandia, Jules Wijdenbosch Bridge, Julianatop, Central Suriname Nature Reserve, Coppename River, Mt Tafelberg, Surinaams Museum

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