So there’s Table Mountain there’s lion’s head, and we’re gonna jump off Signal Hill today. Because lion’s head I think it’s a little bit too cloudy there’s all this cloud that’s come in we’re just kept coming in to Cape Town now we just got to Signal Hill pants a little bit chilly. But the Sun just came out which is good it’s nice, and hot everyone’s getting ready to go, and we started with Cape Town tandem paragliding, and then, and I think clears the first time doing yeah I think sighted someone’s just about to go here they’ve got like an actual a little launching pad here which is cool, and then in the background we can see lions head, and then there’s a view the clouds just went over it. But hopefully they go, and run, and then you’re up, and then you fall back then you’re off then first there Jess.


So foggy today when we got here it is fine there’s no fog we’ll see how it goes it comes in very quickly certainly goes very Foca way to go, and Stephens getting set up now Ben’s ready to go no yeah just hope the foe goes away dude still foggy we’re getting ready. So if the does go we can always be good yeah what’s wrong it’s clearing up I think my god it’s getting ready yes hey how was it clear do you like this Dave he’s still out that here he comes hopefully this is Steve we have to kind of guess oh yeah that’s him hi it was good how’d you go we saw you do the spin looking you did a lot of sense sorry, and really see Table Mountain now guys see how it’s flat okay see how the table yeah all right just got back from our paraglide that was so much fun I loved it, I’m so glad to declare up in the end. Because we were sitting there for a good 20 minutes before it cleared up post I was really awesome if you guys are in Cape Town would you recommend you do it you get some really beautiful views, and if they ask you to do some tricks I recommend you do it cuz I do like a little spinny, and stuff though Tyger Tyger it has going up like christmas after this is up this is your best oh dear careful yeah well you gotta breathe in there are you gonna put some up whose it yeah you’re gonna put him on the tree if you found a good spot you need help okay where do you want to put it, and I can help you where’d you should put it where should we put it.

I think we did a pretty good job put this on top, and the presents are already starting to arrive what did you think of your job there Jess the skirt the tree has a skirt like you’re sure I think my feet are too big though can you put it on for me t my foot is too big you try on the other foot now I feel like my foots too big whole leg can for this we’ve done a Christmas tree already what is this Christmas tree number two yeah you got three, and you remember the skirt this time you need to wear the hat you need to wear the hat I’ve got some new fans of Finance here religion we’re big change Phoenix the world mom, and the 1980, I’m thinking paisa I think we’re gonna get some goats cheese, and some Madhuri these are amazing I love the place, I’ll introduce you to the family slowly over.

So this is my cousin this is jazz, and they’re the ones who parents to the very cute children the we introduced look at the table it’s like that looks good yeah I feel like they’re so cheap ah we need to stop waking up at 6:00 in the morning Jess it’s given to me I love you beginning to end the post all the time all the time this is like the third time in a row that I came to bed and, I’m just wonderful sleeping like we need to end the post today was awesome did you guys enjoy your paragliding yeah good everyone enjoyed it tomorrow’s the big day the wedding which is gonna be fun in the morning just as getting her hair done. So gotta go take her to that man I think the weddings in the afternoon. So I think we’re still figuring out what we’re gonna do during the day. But it should be good time tomorrow, I’m excited this is only my second wedding ah fainter so.

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