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Welcome to Ponton off the Western wetlands of Brazil they say this is the one of the best places to spot wildlife one of the best places about what ate one of the best places to spot they say this is one of the best places about what come on man you the truth is the panthenol wasn’t even on my radar until I arrived in Brazil the area encompasses the largest tropical wetlands in the world that covers about seventy five thousand square miles on the western border in the Philippian Paraguay, and it’s said to be one of the best places to experience wildlife in South America from the moment I stepped foot on the ground to my Lodge along the Rio Negro the abundance of wildlife was awesome I dropped off my bag, and a local guy gave me a game plan before we headed out on a water Safari besides a few charter boats, and local homes the river was quiet, and secluded it was the perfect place to spot hundreds of bird species lone Caymans JP vadas, and even a couple of giant river otters making love in the bushes we cruised along the river until the Sun came down before making our way back to camp good dinner, and a little pool with some fellow travelers to finish off the night the next morning we will walk to an absolute downpour.

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So our plan to trek through the marsh got cancelled, and we waited out the rain with a few local fishermen when we saw a break in the action we helped some neighbors get out of the mud, and then decided to drive down to a nearby farm to see how other residents were holding up a group of guys were passing time with some Black Label whiskey, and cattle stories. So after a few friendly drinks we headed back to the lodge. So we thought something good stuck in the pump, and all wetlands they call it wetlands. Because it rains a lot this is the result we got it we’re back on the road luckily the early afternoon clouds made way for the Sun. So it’s time to load up the boat again, and go learn how to catch hubby Tania we anchored along the main groves, and Bay to the bamboo pulls its raw steak yet Anja fishing is the best for those with very little patience. Because if they’re in the water you don’t know it pretty quickly once you do catch one people it’s best to kill it before putting it into the boat or else you’ll run the risk of it jumping around, and taking a chunk cut it with foot or ankle after catching enough to feed the whole crew we returned to the lodge. So the kitchen staff will cook up some bit on your soup, and although it was delicious it did have a bite to it James takamore ha.

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