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Panama City Map on Like marine biologist Peter Vine, who swam under a dark canopy of fresh oil (below), I returned smeared with evidence that much of the oil had sunk to the bottom. I was impressed by the apparent good health of the sea grasses, despite soft oil amid their roots, but dismayed by glimpses of dead mollusks, crabs, and other creatures. A comprehensive study of damage is under way, said Yusef Fadlallah of King Fahd University in Dhahran during a shore examination. He kicked at a clod of hardened oil and halfsmiled. Of course, this is not the first spill in the gulf. Nor is it likely to be the last. Although the gulf war spills were by far the worst, an average of 250,000 barrels an amount equal to the infamous 1989 Prince William Sound disaster in Alaska spill into the gulf annually. Panama City Map 2016.

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