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Paktika Travel on whose industry is correspondingly discouraged by the same cause. It is the third person who is always in the shadow, and who, personifying what is not seen, is an essential element of the problem. One interpretive lesson includes: When government acts, weigh the observed gains against whatever government crowds out. Military spending may employ millions; but imagine what those millions would have accomplished if taxpayers had been allowed to keep their money and spend it as they pleased. Bastiat was an original theorist as well as an educator. Economists have often wondered why foolish economic policies come into existence and Bastiat has an intriguing answer to this important question. The proximate cause of protectionism may well be industry lobbying, but the root cause is the public’s lack of economic understanding: I am not one of those who say that the advocates of protectionism are motivated by self-interest. Paktika Travel 2016.

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