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Pakistan Metro Map on Compare tertiary care. secondary circular reaction in piagetian theory, a repetitive action emerging at around 4 to 5 months, such as rattling the crib, that has yielded results in the past but that the infant does not modify to meet the requirements of a new situation. See also primary circu- LAR REACTION; TERTIARY CIRCULAR REACTION. secondary drive an acquired drive; that is, a drive that is developed through association with or generalization from a primary drive. For example, in an avoidance conditioning experiment in which a rat must go from one compartment into another to escape from an electric shock, the secondary drive is fear of the shock and the primary drive with which it is associated is avoidance of pain. secondary gain in psychoanalytic theory, any advantage derived from a neurosis in addition to the primary gains of relief from anxiety or internal conflict. Examples are extra attention, sympathy, avoidance of work, and domination of others. Pakistan Metro Map 2016.

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