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Pahang Travel on AlI these features, as 1 shall show, are present in Pynchon’s TIIe Secret Integration. The problem with designating them as distinctively postmodern is exemplified by what happens when you look at Cervantes’s The Dogs’ ColIoquy in their light, as 1 shall also show. 1 am not denying that there are thematic and historie al difTerences between the two stories. Each work is in a multitude of ways embedded in its own historical place and time. 1 am mindful ofJameson’s slogan: Always historicize. Nevertheless, if form generates meaning, as 1 think it does, big problems with the concept of postmodern narrative arise when you set the two stories side by side. Let me now demonstrate that as best 1 can, and then draw sorne conclusions. Pahang Travel 2016.

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