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Package to hawaii on Numerous witnesses, the most damning of which was Bill Downey, stepped forward to testify both Browns spoke openly of killing the country couple. Nashville Banner reporter Larry Brinton was allowed to testify regarding Doug Brown’s published confession and the defendant’s statements that led to the recovery of Stringbean’s bag (the murder weapon was never recovered). No one expected any surprises when the nine-man, threewoman jury filed back into the courtroom on November 2, 1974, after deliberating only two hours and thirty-five minutes. During closing arguments, John Brown had even written 99 twice on a slip of paper and passed it to Doug. Both Browns were found guilty on two counts of firstdegree murder with each count carrying a 99 year prison term. Overruling the jury’s sentencing recommendation that the terms run concurrently, Judge Allen R. Cornelius, Jr. Package to hawaii 2016.

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