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P. Pergola – V. Saxer V. Councils. A great number of Western bishops, convened expressly by Emperor Constantine, met at Arles on 1 August 314 under the presidency of Chrestus of Syracuse to reexamine the Donatist question. Caecilian of Carthage and his accusers were present; the latter were unable to prove their accusations. The Council of Arles fully endorsed the decisions of the Council of Rome of 313 HflLecl 1,272, recognized Caecilian’s innocence and condemned or deposed his accusers. In addition to the Donatist question, this council ruled on various important disciplinary points. To facilitate the celebration of Easter on the same date, the council recommended that the pope fix a single date for all of Christendom can. 1. Regarding the baptism of heretics, they preferred the Roman position to the African one formerly defended by Cyprian in his controversy with Pope Stephen I can. 9 and then taken up by the Donatists. Against the latter, the council declared ordinations conferred by traditores to be valid can. 14. Other rulings regarded the duties of clergy, who were forbidden to change churches cans. 2 and 21 under penalty of deposition; they were also forbidden to make loans at interest can. 13. The Fathers deposed traditor clerics can. 14, forcibly reduced the pretensions of the Roman deacons can. 18, and requested eucharistic hospitality for bishops on their way to Rome can. 19. They made the presence of seven, or at least three, bishops mandatory for episcopal consecration can. 20, and forbade deacons to celebrate the Eucharist can. 16. Regarding the laity, Christians were forbidden to exercise the professions of charioteer can. 4 or actor can. 5, or to exercise municipal or public functions without the permission of the bishop can. 7. Those who refused or deserted military service were threatened with excommunication can. 3. Finally, the Council of Arles specified the conditions for admission to the catechumenate at the point of death can. 6, and for the reconciliation of apostates can. 22. It regulated the use of letters of communion can. 10 and recommended young abandoned husbands not to remarry as long as the adulterous spouse was alive can. 11. Because of the variety of the questions addressed, this council provides an excellent view of the pastoral and disciplinary problems of the church on the morrow of the peace of Constantine. Many of the council’s decisions were renewed by the Council of Nicaea. CCL 148,3-25; Turner: EOMIA 1, 371-416; Hfl-Lecl 1,275-298; Gaudemet, SC 241, 35-67; Palazzini 1,83; J. O’Donnell, The Canons of the First Council of Arles, 314 A.D., Washington 1961; A. Mhat, Le Concile d’Arles 314 et les Bagaudes: RSR 63 1989 47-70; F. Ruggiero, Su un aspetto della controversia donatista al I Concilio Arelatense: il Canone 3 e la Militia dei cristiani, in I Concili della Cristianit  occidentale secoli III-V. XXX incontro di studiosi dell’antiquity cristiana Rome 3-5 May 2001, SEA 78, Rome 2002, 363-377; M. Paternoster, Il contributo del Concilio di Arles nello sviluppo della dottrina sul battesimo degli eretici, ibid., 379-391. In 353, pressed by the emperor Constantius, a large number of bishops met in council at Arles and subscribed the condemnation of Athanasius. Only Paulinus of Trier dissented. CCL 148, 30; Hfl-Lecl 1, 869-870; Gaudemet, SC 241, 81-83; Palazzini 1, 83-84. Several canonical collections entitled II Council of Arles hand down some 50 canons taken from various councils, specifically those of Arles 314, Nicaea 325, Orange 441 and Vaison 442. It is apparently a private collection composed between 442506 for some bishops dependent on the metropolitan of Arles. CCL 148, 111-130; Hefl-Lecl 2, 460-476. Between 449 and 461, a council presided over by Bishop Ravennius was celebrated at Arles to settle the dispute between the monastery of Lrins and Bishop Theodore of Frjus. CCL 148, 131-134; Hfl-Lecl 2, 886-887; Palazzini 1, 84-85. In ca. 463, by the order of Pope Hilarus, Leontius of Arles called a council at Arles to examine the question of the irregular ordination for the bishopric of Die made by Archbishop Mamertus of Vienna. Jaff 556-559; Hfl-Lecl 2, 901-902; Palazzini 1, 85. In ca. 470475 some 30 bishops met at Arles under the presidency of Bishop Leontius and condemned the predestinationist error professed by the priest Lucidus. CCL 148, 159-160; Hfl-Lecl 2, 908-911; E. Griffe II, 231; Palazzini 1, 85-86.Urban Garden Design on Pinterest | Garden design, Gardening and … travelquaz

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 P. Pergola - V. Saxer

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 P. Pergola - V. Saxer

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 P. Pergola - V. Saxer

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