Our only knowledge of Ammonius

AMMONIUS the MONK 4th c.. Our only knowledge of Ammonius is that he was a Coptic monk who, returning from a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, spent several years in the desert of Sinai, where he was an eyewitness to and also heard further accounts of the massacres of monks at Raithu and in the Sinai committed by the Saracens, the Blemmyes and other barbarians. He wrote an account, in some ways disturbing, which has reached us in a Greek translation and also in a translation from the Greek into Palestinian Christian Aramaic; there are also Syriac, Georgian and Arabic versions. He says that these events took place during the patriarchate of Peter of Alexandria, presumably Peter II 373380, and are commemorated 28 December. But they may be the same events by a comparison of the names: Isaiah, Sabbas, Moses, etc. that the monks of Sinai and Raithou commemorated 14 January in the Byzantine calendar. CPG 6088 for all details of the versions; Greek: F. Combefis, Illustrium Christi martyrum lecti triumphi, Paris 1660, 88-132; D.G. Tsami – K.A. Katsani, To. Marturolo,gion tou Sina, Thessalonica 1989, 194-235; Palestinian Christian Aramaic: A. Smith Lewis, The Forty Martyrs of the Sinai Desert and the Story of Eulogios, Cambridge 1912, 1-54 numbering from the end; C. M¼ller-Kessler and M. Sokoloff, The Forty Martyrs of the Sinai Desert, Eulogios the Stone-Cutter, and Anastasia A Corpus of Christian Palestinian Aramaic III, Groningen 1996. Translations: Eng.: from the Palestinian Christian Aramaic A. Smith Lewis, op. cit., 1-14 numbering from the beginning; C. M¼ller-Kessler – M. Sokoloff, op. cit.; R. Devreesse, Le christianisme dans la pninsule sina¯tique, des origines   l’arrive des musulmans: RBi 49 1940 205-223, special.

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Our only knowledge of Ammonius

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Our only knowledge of Ammonius

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