Hey everybody, and welcome to Bangkok Thailand we’re doing a little bit of a tourist thing today we’ve got our own tour plan just as being researching what to do, and the first thing is to see the Grand Palace show you around it is like the number one stop in Bangkok you guys were interested it’s like 500 baht which is walking 20 Australian dollars to get in totally work. Because all my goodness crazily elaborate is this place like that’s so beautiful all right we can’t go to Thailand and, I’ll see a foot or two we come to what poll to see the reclining book it is huge alright guys we’re now heading down to the river to try find another temple this one is called what a run, and people recommend coming here during the sunset. But we don’t have time today. So we’re coming down in the morning just to check it out. But I had a glimpse of it, and I have a feeling it’s under construction. So hopefully we can get a cool shot first we’ll check it out anyway.


Because I want to see the water. But this place is also weird is that walking through markets right now super busy I’ve never tried to I can please do to get lunch dragon fruit mum bang third yeah we can try yeah. So one by one have you ever tried it dragon try it yeah Jason is a sweet oh it’s very it’s not much flavor right now oh yeah that mango mango on stick. So good yes guys I have to try this later coconut ice cream even though it was under construction still very beautiful to see that’s what happens when he travels the way we always have the worst life I know it’s under construction all right guys we’ve come to the last temple of the day which is called the golden mount now you need to walk up 300 steps to get to the top, and hopefully we get some beautiful beautiful views this is gonna be a tough one kind of shame it’s under construction seems to be the thing for the day it is still really cool to come up here it to get like a good aerial view of Bangkok imma join you do it base by the way one of these need to happen five thank you thanks for the awesome ride bye alright guys we just got to the cheddar Jack markets, and there are over 8,000 stalls yeah probably gonna get lost. But we’re on the hunt for lunch. Because it’s like 2:30, and we ain’t even suspected we’re lost my tummy’s kampala which way should I go probably spend your entire day of these markets broken up into different sections you got antiques spices foam wares you get anything you want yeah thank you all right dig on in Steve had to get dessert I’ve never tried croaking ice cream before tastes like ice cream coconut flavor though in a coconut shell all right, and we thought we’ll catch the SkyTrain promo don’t you love it you at the pizza place is our may or may have not just woken up from a teeny little siesta it is currently almost 6 o’clock which means it is almost time to meet the whole crew now I realize we haven’t really explained it to you guys. So you here on a 12 day tour through Cambodia starts in Bangkok.

But tomorrow we’re actually heading to Cambodia, and yes we are here with gecko tours, and we are about to meet 12 I think 12 other people who are gonna be traveling with us for the next two weeks, and also our leader who’s going to be showing us around it’s kind of like the ture ped tour of the group, and then that means that it seeks to clock out gecko is it – our is officially starting, I’m very excited to go down, and meet everyone and, I’m excited to get up come very good tomorrow all righty guys we’ve met everyone a lot of from like the US UK, and Australia which is also my currently quickly making some dinner, I’m going to bed. Because tomorrow the day starts at 6:30 in the morning we have a 10 hour drive ahead of us to get through Cambodia we have to go through the border it’s gonna be a long day ending in Siem Reap. So, I’m very excited for that we’re off to bed good night guys we’ll see you tomorrow yes Lee yes Lee yes Lee yes Lee.

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