How many guys we’ve just been quickly getting ready. Because statement I worked out this morning human I are both free. So we’re going to go have a coffee together down at Hillary’s which is that like Harbor place that we like to go to through there once with you guys to see it again place is the best all righty you guys I have to show you this is an Australian flat white if you have a look it’s like the cappuccino. But if I remove the froth away there’s no froth there I haven’t seen them anywhere in the world. But I like every.


Because I want coffee not froth is it good coming back to our favorite place one time we will have to come here, and have the pancakes though yes, and don’t you we haven’t been doing this place good no this place is really cool table you should go around it’s so nice after in the week. Because there’s no one here by the way Hey guys, and also happy leap year we have day today hope you guys use this day as little as a kid we always come down to this speech, and then we would go, and slide down the slippery dips into the water is it gonna flip read it does any of you guys have a quarter to slit right it no it’s slippery dip is the thing that goes on the on the ground was it slip, and slide a slippery dip why am i referring calling a slider slippery dip righty hurry all right Stevie I got people to see places to be things to do haha bye bye guys the kind of feel bad is Oscars today leo is tipped to win the Oscar, and I’ve seen every single one of his movies except for the revenant which is up or. So I hope he wins. But then at the same time it feels weird that it if he wins that I haven’t seen the movie. So I don’t know it’s happening right now.

I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be announced in like a couple of minutes in this closet gets it or has it been announced yet literally my my twitter feed is just oscars at the moment yes why if Leo doesn’t win you did it wait no just won Best Oscar finally won, I’ll definitely have to watch that Mary Goethe said to wait till it comes out on DVD I can’t believe it finally good work leo yes I know Facebook stopped telling me 6:30 just came home. So tired don’t even know if Stephen logged. But we’re gonna go to my brother’s house now hey Stevie hey how you doing good I want to go to my brother’s house okay, and I was thinking yeah remember we used to love that game warrior why are we are we yeah we game it was so fun it’s like one of my favorite games to play like you know when there’s like a group situation. But I think it’s in the boxes in the garage oh we know me you know me try find yeah yeah cool if you awaken all day non-stop, I’m just finished edited eight freakin clothes today.

So we’re caught up technically officially pulled up we just have to upload them twice a day yeah Wow. So happy alright this is the last time we ever get behind no I want this to be the last time, and then once these posts are done like we’re caught up back to once a day I think we want to I want to start sailing like 8:00 a.m. you can choose a time or whatever, I’ll have a look at, and if we’re all done again we can start traveling again our goal was to like get all the Alaska posts done get all our daily posts up-to-date show you guys what it’s like home in Australia, and I think by the time that these are all caught up it’s definitely time to go on another trip you just got to plan something by the way comment below, and when the best time you guys want us to post or see if you could put your international time code. So like we’re in aw st put what time you want us to post, and your time zone have you made us some dinner yes what have you made boy he’s what a different walk it’s a lucky time let’s go we came over to Drew’s house to play the Wii.

But he’s lost his Wii sensor since moving houses which wasn’t good should have warned us true, and we could have brought our Wii sensor. So just taking the dogs for a walk is it raining oh it is I have some sad news for you Jessica one day your New Year’s resolution do you even remember it. So work out every day nope to have an endless summer yeah very summer today’s the last day of summer no, I’m just today’s the last day of summer Yeah right in it it’s not winter yet okay I see adding an exception to the rule why does no a winter the season of winter oh my gosh Stephen sit in that ready go okay we’re getting Jess on a spit no we all did it push Petrie up, I’m like you know bet you can trust your brother do it faster you didn’t go as fast as me after all that we realized we weren’t looking out for the dogs driving off a jump ring I still feel sick from that stupid thing you guys maybe go on, and eat a lobster. Because the arm we wasn’t working went up is chilling, and talking, and stuff. But her yeah we’re now heading home bitch oh my god I feel. So dizzy what it’s actually raining the suh-weet it was so hot today as well told you the end of summer oh I didn’t mind, I’m sorry I don’t want his order matters no a winter there’s a leaf yeah you got one extra day that it rained on our leap year date what is this oh she’s all wet makes it look like she’s of glitter on her she died the camera probably wasn’t a good idea to put us on the spinny thing she’s gone to bed.

Because she’s feeling sick we might as end the post now thanks so much for reading guys give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed the post, and we’ll see you tomorrow not guys.

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