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Oudomxai Travel on If one takes another possible candidate to figure as the leading economic sector today”that is, biocapital, postgenomic drugs, and medicine”it is . again both possible and necessary to map its spatial hierarchies and divides. In his pathbreaking multisited ethnographical analysis of biocapital, Kau-shik Sunder Rajah has effectively excavated the ways in which, in a land of repetition of the so-called primitive accumulation described by Marx, the creation in Parel (Mumbai) of a new population of subjects who are created as sites of experimental therapeutic intervention was a necessary condition to satisfy the needs of consumers living on the U.S. West Coast (Rajan 2006, 97)- But this boundary between Mumbai and California, which reflects an old story of colonial expropriation of Third World resources (281), begins to blur when Rajan deepens his analysis of the entangled imaginaries, of the practices of mobility and labor that make the development of biocapital possible: The relationship of India to the United States as I’m trying to configure it, is not the relation of an outside to an inside… Oudomxai Travel 2016.

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