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Oudalan Travel on The text goes on and on throughout with the quite dense and complex linguistic texture of the examples l have given. The Waves requires slow reading, careful reading, at least two or three readings, with much looking before and after, if the reader is to follow just what is going on in a given passage. 2. Many of the important motifs that echo through the novel in inexhaustible repetition are already there at the beginning, for example Jinny’s kiss of Louis, or the image of a de ad man in the gutter with his throat eut that is associated with an apple tree. 3. Many motifs or phrases occur in more or less the same words for more than one character. Jinny’s childhood kiss of Louis on the back ofhis neck, for example, floats from the soliloquy of one character to that of another, just as the phrase about pursuit is transferred from Neville to Rhoda. Oudalan Travel 2016.

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