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Ouaddai Travel on Hence the reference to feasts of raw flesh as necessary for the initiate, a feature which meets us again in the Bacchae (line 139). In Crete the animal which embodied the god was a bull. The actual statement that the Cretans in their rites tore a live bull with their teeth we owe to the somewhat dubious testimony of the Christian writer Firmicus Maternus, 1 but we need not doubt it on that score. The Cretans fragment, with its mention of raw feasts, opens by reminding us that Minos was the son of Zeus and Europa, and everyone knows in what form Zeus wooed Europa and carried her away to Crete.

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The Cretan myths of Pasiphae and the Minotaur tell the same tale. 2 The bull was one of the forms of Dionysos epiphany also, and since it cannot have been borrowed from him by the god of Crete, this only adds confirmation. Both were gods of the same type. Ouaddai Travel 2016.

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