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Osmaniye Travel on . . what to see and do . . . and where to eat and stay (with AAA and Michelin recommendations). To order, call toll free 1-800-638-4077 Earth Almanac Whales Gorge on Shrimp and Eat a Beach! Wrhat creates ten-foot-wide pits on a Puget Sound beach (right, below)? It was a mystery until Laurie Weitkamp, a University of Washington graduate student, discovered the bizarre behavior of gray whales. Osmaniye Travel 2016.

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Slow days tallying bags of dried fish or cases of wine as they were swung on board in nets, slow days steaming across balmy inland seas where we were the only ship on the planet, slow days watching the wake being carved out of the sea behind us. In those days I served as a junior officer in the East and in the islands, I loved the life I lived, I could not think of anything better, I could not think of anything that I would rather do. I felt on borrowed time, which sometimes made me act more frantically than I should have done. I was too wild when I went ashore, I put aside no money for the future. Money either accumulated or it didn’t, depending upon my spending pattern, which in turn depended upon the opportunities afforded to me.

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