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Oslo Travel on Being the champion of the poor peasants of Boeotia, he naturally developes and upholds the conception of dike as justice, the rights of the weak against the strong. He also goes behind Homer in telling the genealogies of the gods and in the details which he gives of a time before the supremacy of Zeus, which in Homer is always an accomplished fact. Moreover he more than hints at a condition of the dead different from that to which they are condemned in Homer and reflecting an older stratum of belief. Some of his ideas will find their place later in this exposition. For the present let us turn to a literature and a society which, though they may be later than Hesiod, are far closer in spirit to the world of Homer which we have just left. This is the society of the Ionian Greeks who colonized part of the coast of Asia Minor or lived on the islands between that coast and Greece itself. It has left us some literary remains of the seventh and sixth centuries B. Oslo Travel 2016.

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