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Oshana Travel on Your control should be with the left hand. Eventually, the dog will learn to follow you without signal and without leash. At the first sign of an error, take up the leash again. Do not drag your dog at any time. Be firm and insistent, and praise warmly when he heels well. TURN. Turning is actually a part of heeling. Oshana Travel 2016.

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When Typhoon Hope hit, the damage was immense. Statistically, a damaging typhoon can be expected to pass near or over Hong Kong every four years. But that is only an average, and the period between strikes can be much less. A typhoon can erupt at any time throughout the year but the typhoon season, the period when they are most expected, is from May to October. With memories fresh from Typhoon Hope, the Old Man was acting cautiously and we crawled across the South China Sea at less than half revs, listening to the reports, waiting for the storm to swing to the north.

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