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Yeah we really cool Osaka Yoko you know it’s a yachtie okay hello my name is hawa I live in Japan, I’m 20 years old thank you so much hello welcome hello Osaka greetings today, I’m with my friend hey WA we’re going to go around, and he’s going to show me a few of the hotspots for street food the city is famous for street food. So today, I’m going to dedicate my morning to going experiencing some of it hey while you ready yes, I’m ready you hungry, I’m dead Osaka the second largest city in Japan, and home to some 19 million people the atmosphere is young modern, and more laid-back than neighboring Tokyo actually Osaka reminds me a lot of my favorite US city Chicago, and although, I’m only here for a short period of time, I’m excited to have a local friend to show me around hi where are we right now very sexy okay. But this place is Virginie many people will come to the past day that is what I like about summer why was this event, I’m lowering, and then we go out, and then it’s like the street food, and everything yeah well people do you totally Rock tombery, and many people can see our new year.

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But here they come after and. Because they’re hot rock in a kind of traffic ictus all of that River a New Year’s again naked jump in the river here yes okay all that would be good we start with starting the crap great brains of trad that’s the first guy Elijah very good it’s very good welcome very young Greeks what I do a lot I’d forget all right cool right smart right looks a little bit like mud right this is my favorite part about crap I can wanna make it’s so sweet, and delicious she doesn’t look very appetizing Rockman is that good it’s almost like when you talk on the Hat of a shrimp you get all that really good delicious flavor it’s the same thing ten times all right good start anywhere in Japan people are lining up yet you know unless it’s just foreigners binding-off attempted me it was interpret eyes or something this means correct what’s the response it is a pathway I secure I might be the hopeful it is like a full sack of this is quintessential if you say also got wonderfully their sweat do it alright start out with what can best be described as a muffin tray add batter scallions, and pickled ginger big chunks of octopus, and top it off with this rice krispies like ready, and then watch the Masters go to work we go on the outside is really crisp, and firm, and then inside its really soft, and almost creamy you can taste the octopus, and then little crumbles of hustle got through which is like thinly d right a bitch straightness, and then oh they go through it with ms um, and then what is the sauce hey watch on me it’s a very study this is Anthony southpaw. But we call Japanese ketchup okay little just my little dishes – the fact that it’s real hot it’s really good much better than our immigrant that different not like no let me maybe the chicken bit one in the world this slide is not in Osaka where’s it from well thank you dinner any other on Japan all around your family what’s the name of it you know melon bread pudding element amazed this slogan of this place this little food truck the second we’re going to try to second best of all for this one simply take a freshly baked bun that actually take more like a sugar cookie than real bread, and add a big scoop of vanilla ice cream just like that it’s ready oh it’s warm vanilla ice cream Ellen Brad I don’t know what the first that’s wrong, I’m not trying to know I tried the normal one. But hard along Dyson Wow at the where. So far everybody Nana no real street food guide would be complete without some just meat on a stick yakitori employment a moment you got to find that good place oh yeah I guess I gotta go inside for this one ducky soba which translates into fried noodles at this little side street spot they use a thicker noodle than normal mix, and pork cabbage, and that same special Japanese dog it serves up with the customary dose of katsu why would we got here guests of us dr. solo hombre with a sick almost barbecue style sauce really good chewy almost firm noodles. But it cuts to blue on top a little bit of cabbage delicious good noodle take it I can go work I just got like a million of commentrs you’re like oh you take a David Goss ha ha hello here that was a good spot on to the next one were you know yet which is the Japanese clown fenya not.

Because it’s itself, and if you take more dokely yeah it’s not like a really business very quickly I mean you can you can tell it’s not like a rich place money we’re in a roomful in a room yeah I mean we get to cook out though okay borders are the japanese-style pancake can be served up in many different savory ways. But we opted for the aggressive version which is pork shrimp, and then would get everything comes out I guess whoa I completely forgot about the look, and it puts the meat all day huh okay. So I only wait wait on the meats pieces, and in the bowl is a mixture of raw egg cabbage ginger scallion, and those same rice krispies. But it we commend the swiping concoction okay, and you want to planning it okay. So we wait now anyway well good just a little bit okay wait to paint a. So please up the only hiccup yeah what’s a weed a little weed on there moving on nori then we have the coke oh yeah gotta have the pride, and joy , I’ll tell you know everyone’s got a digit first. So we know it’s moment of truth how do we do yeah we didn’t we didn’t read it on a scale – the worst the best you’ve ever had ah it’s nothing this is my tits Nautilus okay we’ll take that as a win yeah.

But you can really really taste the ginger, and the cabbage that’s the first thing that that comes out the crispness of the cabbage is really good, and of course. Because we’re professionals here the crunch from the cross that we created on the top, and bottom of the pancake which is essential is also delicious are you guys that is it for my time here, and on Saka on the streets eating Street food, and then a couple of shops obviously for some of the most quintessential food here, and sucker thank you so much thank you very much very good ate a lot of good food hey what do you think it’s very good did we do our I think we challenged the good places did we represent or stock up correct yes that’s all that matters I think guys as always if you liked the post give it a thumbs up leave a comment tell me what you favorite food of this trip was or maybe something you wouldn’t try maybe octopus ball here folks, and as always comment if you haven’t already go check out his blog putting up new posts whenever he feels like it flip back except for Japan that’s it you guys thank you how are the people in Osaka different from the people are very different they like people from California New York we told you a very nice warm up their self they don’t care about how much with my don’t okay polite more like for hello our most of the funny comedians are from Osaka already the one who do people say that cause I people are very loud okay all the way they speak isn’t that like proper proper way of speaking okay on the other hand for all sort of people told your people that you too strong too formal okay.

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