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Orissa Travel on Be nice. Be gracious. Don’t fight. Don’t fight, she said again, nodding her head up and down until it felt in danger of dropping off trying to work up the necessary courage to get out of the car. Be nice. The front doored open and Barry appeared, motioning for her to come inside with a giant sweep of his hands. Could her brother-in-law really have sent her that awful letter? Don’t be ridiculous, she said to herself, careful not to let her lips move. Orissa Travel 2016.

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Although I had been initially interviewed by the taipan company in London, the personnel department in the main office in Hong Kong wanted to meet me when I paid off and sent a message that I was to come in and see them for a chat and debrief. We tied up to a buoy in the harbour and I took a bumboat across to the island, where I went over to the company office in Queensway, not far back from the Hong Kong waterfront. I then spent half an hour talking to two personnel wallahs about those things that people working in personnel departments like to talk about: career, prospects, opportunities, obligations and all such similar guff. They told me my report from the Old Man was good and offered me a return airline ticket to anywhere in the world, provided I paid any cost over and above that of a return flight to London. They said they wanted me back in Hong Kong in four months.

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