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Ordubad Travel on 1 In this argument Plato is only concerned to establish his point that the first cause of the workings of the universe is intelligent and moral. He shows no interest in deciding whether there be one god or many, nor by what means the supreme soul initiates in matter the motion of which it is the cause. The existence of evil, and of irregular motion, means perhaps that there are depraved souls at work as well as a good one. But the good and rational soul is in control. This is argued from the fact that the principal motions, those which take place on a cosmic scale such as the revolutions of the stars and sun, the production of night and day 1 In writing this historical paragraph I confess that I have had in mind the extraordinary statement of Professor Farrington that the identification of a ‘motion that moves itself with the life principle (psyche) was an empty phrase; an analysis that identified the motion of the heavenly bodies with the motion of a living animal was so superficial as to be beneath contempt; the ascribing to the motion that moves itself all the rich connotations of the Greek word psyche was a gross logical error springing from a total failure to understand the historical development of language and its symbolic function. (Science and Politics in the Ancient World (Allen and Unwin, 1939), pp. 105 f. Ordubad Travel 2016.

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