Orangutan Conservation in Malaysia

Hey everybody how you guys doing today we are no longer in Morocco, and we’ve come to a city on their wet Coast West Coast Malaysia core tightening will tell you what we’re going to go up to at first, and you get some coffee, and me. Because yesterday we did like a nine-hour trans today, and then we got up at 6 a.m. So uh, I’ll see you guys soon. So our hostel was seen that there’s please lock the door we literally have to catch a ferry to orangutan island, and I don’t to compare them to King Kong.

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But I feel like we’re catching a ferry to Kong Island right now guys I just realized we didn’t tell you what would delete upcoming the King Kong Island you’ve actually come here to volunteer with the Ranga tanks there’s only like five thousand less than the world which is insane. So it’s really amazing to be able to come, and help these animals, I’m pretty pretty pumped for this week I really love this look for the Iranian things that were born on the island they’ve made a little birth certificate for them Adam April I must say you’ve got that. So sly started around seventeen years ago where they had three orangutan t4 research, and now they have 17 orangutangs here, and they’ve even released some back into the wild, and this is the enclosure with the young ones I think there’s like a five year old of four year old, and a three, and a half year old he wants it another this isn’t running I think the thing that’s so special about the sanctuary is that the orangutan aren’t the ones in the enclosures when we walk around we’re technically the ones inside the enclosure also how beautiful is this island that they live on are are they going inside the enclosure.

So we’re the ones with the cages above us, and in where the orangutan czar they have no living. So they can just living, and living you have no like there’s like giant trees that they can climb up some of built nests some of even like had babies in the nests they sleep in a nest if you didn’t know or anything’s build their nests makeshift generator to keep the fridge cold preparing some food you’ve got a brute guide for them to lunch you know it’s make a cutter prepared for that this is all the fruit that we have, and the menu changes each day to keep it nice, and interactive more then. So today we have some pineapple there’s a star fruit yzma, and then we have some apples as well Boone is one of the orangutangs, and just to give you guys an idea of the diet milk vitamins are retired with professional home honey apple oh okay he’s still happy, I’m sorry it’s there I forget me just they give me a human poppy dog Isley whole time yeah they do have their own herbal garden. Because the orangutan czar loves to eat these little plants, and flowers as treats this is probably the closest we’re going to get today well the baby, and the mama come down from the tree oh I think you just look how jungly these enclosure is tonic also we’re currently inside the cage, and this island they have about 15 acres for all the orangutan, and they split up into about five acre like segments which is amazing there’s no cages above them they can just climb up into the trees or make their nests.

So, I’m not going to be getting you guys the National Geographic kind of footage. Because of course there’s two cages between us. But it’s so much better for the orangutan to have it that way wells cause we’re going to see them all up in the trees yeah oh I see the big male. So for the protection of the orangutan at night they actually keep them in the night enclosure which is just behind us. Because they could still be poaching there comes the island. Because there’s such a big island to look after it’s easy at night if they put them into an enclosure for they safety. So they can keep watch over them, and in the morning they just let them out to go free roam part of the day it’s actually going to clean up the enclosures for them.

So they have a nice place to sleep tonight as you can see their night enclosures still quite massive, and they have seen relativities to keep themselves busy if they are they don’t feel like sleeping the night the Ranga things are quite susceptible to getting diseases from humans. So got to make sure I can’t give them anything thank you sighs apparently looking for a hipster cafe to be honest that would be a hit the cafe family we’ve now finished up volunteering for the day, and our bellies of rumblin our bellies of grumbling good guys hmm very hip the cafe yet or there we found a hashtag every hip the cafe needs a hash tag hanging exposed lipo we found the place when I said this little one of the finest acute hipster cafe look how they serve the teeth found in the Chinese quite happy they have three districts the Chinese Chinese you want. So non-final, I’m making you think like it no wonder there was weird when he asked them for some milk it’s like how much fun is it have you guys ever drunk tea with the prune before need to fight oh I think it’s ruined like we need a bigger house the strange coin see cups of tea guys it’s been. So long, I’m so excited we’re trying to be cute, and have a typing little date night. But it is currently. So crazy I feel like we’re not going to make it. But we found a little spin up are close to our hostel oh.

So we’re going to go finally see a movie we haven’t been to the cinemas in. So long data Beauty, and the Beast is playing, and we are huge Disney fans, and huge musical fans. So, I’m so excited also steven is in love obsessed whenever watch them that’s why, I’m coming. So it’s not going to be the best date night. Because he’s just going to be drooling all over Emma that’s okay. Because, I’ll probably be drooling all over amber as well to be honest and, I’m so excited to have gone along love to like stuff it out sit ups take you long. Because I don’t even know if this is going to be in English or with subtitle in English what the movie trailers going to be in what the TV trailers are they going to be games before that we’re taking you on a journey to the cinema, and stuff, I’ll type in date night my dates running away from me wait.

So we have to go how do we get up osso bucco currently cutting through this food court, and in typing they love coming out, and eating it through courts there’s like these on every single Street, and they’re always sorry busy to hard to please what’s the good news, and bad news the good news is that cinema tickets here are only flora Lizzie in Australia they’re like CC ability. So it’s really good bad news is that the only popcorn available parables lasers they didn’t have buttered popcorn or any savory football they just had only come very upset about that. So we’re going to now go down, and eat before the cinema, and I can’t have my popcorn see should we go to the supermarket, and see big sell popcorn making some will find a way around this issue you guys don’t want to know what’s injustice backpack right now don’t give up on us believe all we got one chance to make this family it’s such a good movie have you guys seen it it’s so good you liked it it was on a downloaded soundtrack now I really really enjoyed that I mean I think we can end the book here I guess yeah the busy street in timing tomorrow we actually have a date awesome we found out it’s only an hour to get some tonight. So I think we’re going to go to Penang tomorrow anyway, and the book here now guys we’ll see you guys next time bye we have to go I can’t go on careful cat.

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