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Hey everything mm-hmm no this uh blue, and green is not this isn’t me mom this is not red orange of me, and my guys has been about two days since we last kind of spoke to you, and we have had one of the craziest two days we’re currently in highlight we’ve left Myanmar, and we’re currently actually doing marine conservation. But we’ll come back to that yes we need to tell you guys what we’ve been up to. So um well first thing is that we left Myanmar, I’m here to Tyler thank you my thank you you guys are amazing thank you. So I was high up up thank you guys so much you guys are amazing once we got to Bangkok we spent the night there, and then we had to catch a bus all the way through a little town called wah nothing we found while we were exploring was this very gigantic gold Buddha you. But not before we climbed up way too many steps to see a temple we already have a little friend that’s in our car what are you doing there buddy there not be there when we get back all righty we just come to our first Thai temple there’s 128 steps oh my goodness, and I feel like Thailand is way hotter than Myanmar at the moment where I am struggling a little bit to get to the top of this temple we went to this like really cool vintage market, and I had the sugar ease coffee I’ve ever had to come to a pretty cool market is called Puente one market thank you thank you absolutely hold on happy I thought some traditional part coffee hi I see that’s too hot for a hot coffee whoa whoa strong whoa that is going to keep me up sweet whoa, and we weren’t exactly all marketed out yet.

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So we went to a night market, and tried literally all the desserts in Thailand they just come down to that yn night market. So just after seven o’clock it’s quite busy here. But there’s some cool things to go I see we might go people devices alerted we’ve had been on a family go, and maybe pick up some more Elephant Man, and they have the started here for half an hour for four dollars mom dad this is where you would be lined up a shrimp on the barbie right there always know where in Asia when we see the like the size of their bananas. But then again this is probably how big banana should be before we like inject them with all that stuff the killer Krejci type. Because it rolling. So don’t touch him or how is that play good crazy. So yeah mate I feel like a bowl of snot is fine Rule three different yummy desserts which are you guys all see the stock is that number two the next day we needed to catch a train.

So on the way there our car broke down we were stranded we had to call a taxi, and I think we had like 30 minutes to get the Train looks like the gear is broken, and we’re stuck here, and we could have to train engine a lot. So hardly stranded somewhere waiting for taxi to come pick us off me half an hour, and we have to catch this train, and see even sit behind it starting flies drone good timing face good timing crying growling from South $2,000 drone of service to 20 dollar entry this is a fighting markets that we were meant to be going to. So we got a taxi driver that is actually quite fluent in English, and Aconitum with vegetarian before I can order food on the train like no, I’ll take you to a good vegetarian of John. So apparently since the train is always late through apparently we have time come try to favorite vegetarian restaurant it’s 5d second is fun yeah we jumped onto a local train dirt pile, and the cost is like a dollar fifty the three to four hour train trips, and if it’s anything like this it’s going to be a beautiful trip of course only in Asia can you just hang out the side of the Train well it’s the whole lion life is actually disgraceful, I’m embarrassed right now $3.00 a seat I’d say that that wasn’t too bad thank you so much four hours later we arrived here in banks to fan noise, and I guess we’ll show you what we got up to once we arrived we just arrived at band, and the noise yeah we literally just jumped off the train like 10 months ago Rory our train ride like I was going to him we need a fan bang beginning this is 15 20 minutes topping it out, and what we’re hoping is gone okay having us enjoy the slime underneath your feet oh really oh yeah Oh beautiful are you view – oh this is beautiful it’s like this is the this is the free time massage I just love how we jump straight off or train onto a boat, and into the mud it’s only the main growth by the way we’re in a good plant some new baby mango trees mangrove not mango mangrove wait for the word here. So we know that mangrove tree a little bit crab. So they’re trying to rehabilitate the area oh my goodness my I just went like a full leg in trying to rehabilitate the area by planting some more mangroves, and I just don’t want to fall over right there.

So these ones are planted about six months ago they coming along nicely where are you ready to hold is it this one oh look inside of us, and then use your hands. So you don’t need you have nothing this is the show, and I need to pull it out very slowly slowly slowly oh it’s scary after, I’m going to feel it oh that’s why you kill gonna die okay you killed it Oh letting prayer guys you know what solves all of life’s problems is a shower after a long travel day I feel. So refreshed, I’m just walking our little homestay it’s got character it’s kind of cool uncle Jun is it uncle Jun just mother, and on your mozzie stuff, and this is our Harwich to get us to dinner. So technically today is the next log however it was just. So beautiful we had to start today’s post here however we hope you enjoyed today’s post, and I was a little bit different environment. But that’s just how it worked out this time we went to while him to do some work that’s why we didn’t properly post again super busy they would like to show you. Because it was like a really nice place.

But yes back to normal logs tomorrow at a marine conservation we parliment scuba diving. So get excited for the next book if you know around here please hit comment, and we will see you guys next time bye.

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