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Ondo Travel on Haven’t you been listening? Barry asked. Jess ignored her brother-in-law. What’s wrong, Dad? Haven’t you been feeling well? I’m fine, her father stated. It was just my annual check-up. Where are you going? Jess asked her mother. Nowhere, she answered. Since when do you get so dressed up to go nowhere? So, what’s your answer? Barry prodded. Ondo Travel 2016.

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I organised my life to drink and to raucously enjoy myself, my ends were wholly self-serving. At times it seemed to me that I even regarded the ships I sailed on as convenient free transport between one set of selfish pursuits and the next, between one exotic and interesting part of the world and another. While many of my contemporaries were now settled, married, with children, prospects, money, a house, objectives and goals in life, I had nothing beyond a few hundred poundsworth of Hong Kong dollars in the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, my sextant and binoculars, a uniform and a motley collection of civilian clothes. After my visit to Angel City, I didn’t even have a watch any more. The more I reflected, the gloomier I became.

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